Safety: Work Zone Floor Safety

WORK ZONE SAFETY – If you get hurt, who will do your job?
As a professional, you take precautions to protect your employees, customers, family, and friends from an injury accident. But what about your personal safety?

Your ability to earn a living depends on you staying safe! One way to increase safety is to use durable non-skid paint in attractive colors on all your slippery wet surfaces.

Is Safety on Wet Surfaces a Concern to You? Security & Sure Footing?

We have all experienced the anxiety and strong feeling of fear when you lose your footing and slip & fall on a wet surface. And in the worst cases you can really hurt yourself. Let me tell you that is a feeling you do not want to experience ever again! 

Protect Yourself, Customers, Employees, and Property Today from a Costly Slip and Fall Injury Accident….

Your proactive injury accident prevention action plan. Reduce injury accidents, personal liability, workman’s comp claims, employee lost time, lost wages, higher insurance premiums, and the list goes on.

Best Solution – Economical, Durable, and Easy to Apply Non-Skid Paint with Maximum Coverage at the Lowest Price. We Best All our Competition on Quality, Coverage, and Price.

Everyday Factory Direct Low Prices and Free Shipping on Every Order!

Our Non-Skid Paint with super strong epoxy binders will eliminate your slippery surface, provide you the safety, sure footing, security, and peace of mind you deserve and expect. 
Non slip coating - Truck - ramp
Truck Step, Ramp, Lift Gate – Non-Skid Paint – Black and Gray

Monster Paint Products Ltd is a dedicated industry leader in non-slip safety advancements, and customer satisfaction. Our non-skid paint is designed to provide a work zone safety solution for your business to achieve numerous consecutive days passed without an accident. Your proactive plan of workplace safety training can result in being awarded with a Safety Merit Award for recognition of having no workplace accidents.

Fewer Workman’s Comp Claim Payout

Reduced Workplace Injury Accidents

Reduced Employee Lost Wages and Production

Lower Liability Business Insurance Costs

Be Safety Minded – It will help prevent accidents before they happen.

And may everyday be safe and secure with a renewed peaceful easy feeling!


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