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Frequently Asked Questions

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Easy do-it-yourself non skid paint instead of carpet for aluminum boat, pontoon boat, house boat, jon boat, catfish rig, bass boat, waterfowl boat, duck boat, river boat, canoe, and kayak.

Using Non-Skid Paint
Thank you for your inquiry. Our experience has shown us that most people ask one of the following 18 questions, we know your time is valuable and we want to make sure that your question is answered as quickly as possible. If you find that your question is not answered below, then please do not hesitate to call or email us though our About Us page. It is our pleasure to discuss your specific project and answer any further questions or concerns you may have. 

Warranty and Limitations

Because application and conditions vary, and are beyond our control, we are not responsible for results obtained in using this product, even when used as suggested. The user should conduct tests to determine the suitability of the product for the intended use (including liability for breach of warranty, strict liability in tort, negligence or otherwise) is limited exclusively to replacement of the product or refund of its price. Under no circumstances are we liable for incidental and consequential damages.

What kind of guarantee does Non-Skid Paint have?

Non-Skid Paint comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. (See our Shipping and Returns page for complete details).

Is Non-Skid Paint ADA (American Disabilities Act) Qualified? 

Yes, ADA recommend a minimum average Static Coefficient of Friction rating of at least 0.60 for level floors, and 0.80 for incline ramps. Non-Skid Paint far exceeds those requirements in all testing (ranging from 0.87 Dry and 0.85 Wet) Static Coefficient of Friction. See our Coefficient of Friction test results page.

What's the best way to keep Non-Skid Paint clean? 

Clean Non-Skid Paint with warm water mixed with any mild soap or detergent. Use a firm bristle brush and rinse off thoroughly with clean water.

How long will it last before I need to topcoat?   

It is recommended that on low to medium traffic areas to topcoat once every 2-3 years. On areas with a lot of high traffic to topcoat once every 1-2 years as needed.

How do I clean Non-Skid Paint off my hands and tools?  

Non-Skid Paint is environmentally safe to use. Easily clean hands and tools with warm soapy water immediately after application.

Can I mix different colors together? 

YES, it is recommended to use Polar White Non-Skid Paint to lighten any color of choice. For color consistency use a 1 to 2 ratio for mixing a color to achieve a lighter shade. (Example: for every 2 gallons of Shipstone Gray add 1 gallon of Polar White together in a large bucket to achieve a Light Gray Color, stir and mix thoroughly).

Why do I need to stir Non-Skid Paint so thoroughly and not just shake it up real good? 

The Grit material in Non-Skid Paint settles to the top of can, and sometimes sticks to the lid. This is because the Grit is lighter than the Epoxy and will stay suspended and not sink to the bottom of can after thoroughly mixed. Its best to scrap any Grit that is stuck to the lid back into the paint with a wood stir-stick; so as to not loose the normal textured surface. Mix well before and during application.

Can I use any kind of thinner? 

NO, Non-Skid Paint is a Water Reducible Epoxy-Ester Coating and can only be thinned with water. Add no more than ½ quart of water per gallon for top coat only. (NOTE: Base coat must be applied directly from pail without thinning for maximum bonding)

Do I need to add Monster Grit Pumice Additive?  

NO, Non-Skid Paint Epoxy is (pre-mixed) with Grit. Extra Grit Additive is only recommended to increase the texture for applications such as Incline Ramp, and Stair Tread.

What is the Surface Coverage? 

Coverage on most surfaces is approx. 200-400 square feet per gallon @ 4 mils wet = 1.5 mils dry (A two-coat application is required for lasting durability).

How long does it take to dry? 

Drying time @ 77*F with 50% relative humidity.
TO THE TOUCH: 30-40 Minutes (tack free)
RECOAT or TOPCOAT: 1-2 Hours
DRY HARD: 72 Hours
FULL CURE: 5-7 Days
(Do not expose Non-Skid Paint surfaces to heavy foot traffic in less than 48 hours).

What is the minimum temperature I can apply it at? 

Apply when the temperature is 50*F (12*C) minimum, 90*F (32*C) maximum (air, surface and material), at least 5*F above dew point. The relative humidity should be 85% maximum. Ideal temperature is 77*F with 50% relative humidity. Do not apply late in the day were dew can settle on the fresh wet paint not allowing it to dry properly. Do not apply if rain is threatening or forecasted.

How do I clean the area prior to painting? 

For Gelcoat and Fiberglass use Acetone. For Non-Ferrous Metals and Aluminum use a Industrial Degreaser and aluminum acid-etch preperation. On Concrete use Trisodium Phosphate (TSP), use a firm bristle brush and rinse off thoroughly with clean water. Area must be completely dry before application. If necessary, use a heat source such as a large Hot Air Dryer. These products are available through most Hardware Stores.

How do I apply it? 

Just like normal paint! It can easily be applied with a brush, 3/8" low nap roller or aerosol spray can. For more details see our Product Overview page.

Do I need to apply a primer? 

Non-Skid Paint is self-priming on Fiberglass, Gelcoat, Epoxy, and Concrete surfaces. On wood substrates use a exterior oil base or latex wood primer. For metal surfaces apply an exterior metal primer over clean, dry metal. This will also provide additional rust prevention.

What surfaces can I apply it too? 

Natural and painted surfaces that are well bonded including Aluminum Boat, Pontoon Boat Deck, Cabin Floor, Running Board, Fiberglass Swim Step, Wood Deck, and properly primed Metal and Wood substrates.

Where can it NOT be used? 

Do not use on garage floors or other areas where vehicles are driven or parked.
Do not use on oil-base chemically treated wood or glossy surfaces such as porcelain or ceramic tile. * (Note: We have designed our Marine Grade Non-Skid Spray Can - Crystal Clear coating for porcelain bathtub, shower, and ceramic tile floor).
Do not use in areas where there is continuous standing water or where ponding occurs. These areas must be leveled prior to use of Non-Skid Paint.

Where can I use it?

Boat Deck, Cabin Floor, Swim Step, Running Board, Diving Board, Boat Trailer, Wood Deck, Marina Dock Ramp, Truck Bed, Trailer Ramp, and most pedestrian traffic areas that need a Non-Skid Surface to Help Aid in the Reduction of Slip and Fall Accidents.