Static Coefficient of Friction

Product Test Results – Monster Grip Paint – Slip Resistant Coating – Clear

Static Coefficient of Friction
Method ASTM C 1028-89



Non-Skid Paint for Boats, Aluminum, Wood Deck Coating

Superior Product Quality and Customer Satisfaction is our main focus.

Our Safety Non-Skid Paint with super strong epoxy binders will eliminate your slippery surface, provide you the safety, security, sure footing, and peace of mind you deserve and expect.

Your proactive injury accident prevention action plan. Reduce injury accidents, personal liability, workman’s comp claims, employee lost wages, retraining, higher insurance premiums, and the list goes on. Get a grip on all things safety.

We have all experienced the anxiety and strong feeling of fear when you lose your footing and slip & fall on a wet surface. And in the worst cases you can really hurt yourself. Let me tell you that is a feeling you do not want to experience ever again!



Non Skid Paint Friction
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