Accidents: Slip & Fall Accidents On a Boat

Slip and fall accidents can happen just about anywhere and usually happen when someone is least aware that something can happen. If this happens on someone else’s property and the accident can be proven to have been the fault of the property owner or whoever was looking after the place where the accident took place, a personal injury claim against that person may be made, especially if there are serious injuries involved and the potential cost to the accident victim is significant.

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Accidents on Boats

It is not hard to imagine having an accident while on a boat. Even on huge ferries and cruise ships, the potential for a slip and fall or a trip and fall is always there.
Owners and operators of boats may be liable for any of their passengers if the passenger is a guest on the boat and there is proven negligence involved.
Accidents on boats are most likely to happen when:
• The boat is not designed to take passengers safely
• Goes out in conditions that are rough because of bad weather or sea state
• Passengers are not warned or given instructions that help to prevent an accident.
Most boats are designed so that you can move around by holding on to various structures if the motion becomes difficult.
They also should have non-slippery floors and decks which make it easier and less dangerous to walk on when in a seaway.
If a boat does not have any of these features or a boat operator takes a boat out into rough conditions without warning the passengers, he or she may be liable for a slip and fall accident if one takes place.

Proving Liability in a Boating Accident

Proving liability in a slip and fall accident is never easy. The person who is injured as a result of an accident must be able to prove that someone in charge of the boat was negligent.
Most states will also look at how much the injured person was responsible for an accident. It is expected in liability cases that those who are present on a boat, for instance, take reasonable precautions for their own safety.
There may be a situation in which the boat owner or operator is partly to blame for an accident, but the injured person was also partly to blame as well.
Imagine, for instance, that you go out on someone’s motor boat. You are told that the weather could make the trip quite rough and that if you wished to come you had to look after yourself.
The boat operator, however, was not that careful about the way he drove the boat and his actions made the boat jolt in a very unpredictable way and at some point you lose balance and fall over and break your arm.
In this situation, both you as the victim and the boat operator may share the blame for the accident and if there is a claim for compensation only part of the claim may be awarded to you, the plaintiff, even if the claim is successful.

Why A Personal Injury Attorney Can Help You Win Your Case

If you have been injured in a boat accident and think that the boat owner or skipper was to blame, you should talk to an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible about the accident and get an opinion on the chances of success.
If the attorney considers that the case is valid, he or she will:
• Sieve through the evidence
• Call witnesses, if there are any
• Calculate a full compensation claim based on medical costs, lost income, an amount for pain and suffering, and possibly punitive damages
• Negotiate with insurers

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