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Houseboat Safety Systems

Your Forever Houseboat comes equipped with several safety systems and includes safety equipment for your use. When you take charge of your new watercraft, it is important to become familiar with the on-board systems and equipment, understand their proper use, and the location of all equipment on board your vessel. Your houseboat instructor will review […]

Deck Safety: Avoiding Slips, Trips and Falls on Board Your Boat


Article by, YouBoatDeck Safety How safe is your boat’s deck? Before you next set sail, it’s worth conducting a risk assessment, paying particular attention to anything that could lead to slips, trips or falls. For example, you might discover wear and tear, loose wires, displaced gratings or wobbly railings. Is your path blocked by equipment […]

Pontoon Makeover: How to Update a Pontoon Boat


Pontoon Makeover: How to Update a Pontoon Boat Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to breathe new life into your boat by refurbishing the deck & furniture. Written by John Tiger Many cabin owners do a lot, if not most, of the work themselves when it comes to maintaining or renovating their living space. If you’re that […]

Safety: Work Zone Floor Safety

WORK ZONE SAFETY – If you get hurt, who will do your job? As a professional, you take precautions to protect your employees, customers, family, and friends from an injury accident. But what about your personal safety? Your ability to earn a living depends on you staying safe! One way to increase safety is to use […]

Trip: Maritime Slip and Fall / Trip and Fall Injuries

With sleek surfaces and the continuous wave motions, the risk of slip, trip and fall injuries aboard vessels is extremely high. Although slipping may seem minor when compared to other types of maritime injuries, it can actually lead to several serious injuries. The Non-Skid Paint Safety Matters Digest Trip: Maritime Slip and Fall / Trip […]

Injuries: Types of Personal Injury Claims

Boating and other recreational activities, such as water skiing and jet skiing, can produce life-threatening injuries. Not only are you in danger of a traumatic blow to your brain or spinal cord; water can cause you to drown, depriving your brain of oxygen and further compounding the damage of an accident.   The Non-Skid Paint […]

Slips: How to Prevent Slips, Trips & Falls on Your Business Property

As a small business owner, you want to maintain a safe business property for your employees and tenants. To reduce the potential for slips, trips and falls, you may want to consider the following safety tips. How to Prevent Slips, Trips and Falls on Your Business Property The Non-Skid Paint Safety Matters Digest These tips […]