Boat Non-Skid Paint

Bonds well and sticks to aluminum, metal, wood, and fiberglass

Marine Grade Epoxy one-part system nonskid paint instead of carpet, pre-mixed with grit. Colors do not fade in the sun on boat deck or roof surface

Super Cost Savings: Maximum coverage 200-300 sq. ft. per gallon. Superior product in twice the coverage per gallon, equals a minimum 2 gallons of any other product plus extra cost of a primer coat

Good Value: No primer coat needed on aluminum, and fiberglass. The most cost-effective non slip coating for your boat restoration project 

The Original Non Skid Paint, very durable, epoxy binders, flexible, quick dry, easy to apply 

Anti Slip Boat Floor - Watch Application Video Link (above)

Select your Option: Non Skid Spray Can, Non Skid Quart, Gallon, or 5 Gallon Pail

12' foot Aluminum Jon Boat

Before Image (Worn Dirty Old Backyard Boat)

12' foot Aluminum Jon Boat

After Image - Restored Boat (Shipstone Gray Non-Skid Paint Applied)

12' foot Aluminum Jon Boat

After Image - Restored Boat (Shipstone Gray Non-Skid Paint Applied)

12' foot Aluminum Jon Boat

After Image - Restored Boat (Shipstone Gray Non-Skid Paint Applied)

Factory Direct Savings

Wood Boat Deck - Non-Skid Paint - Chamois Beige

Boat Dock - Non-Skid Paint - Shipstone Gray

Large Boat Deck - Non-Skid Paint - Polar White

Get a Grip on Things....

Custom Golf Cart - Non-Skid Paint - Black

Sailboat Deck - Non-Skid Paint - Chamois Beige

Aluminum Ramp - Non-Skid Paint - Safety Yellow

Non-Skid Paint for Marina Boat Dock and Incline Ramp

Boat Non Skid Deck Paint

14' foot MirroCraft Boat (Restored) Aluminum Boat Floor - After Image

Non-Skid Paint for Wood Deck, Dock, and Ramp Surface

Non Skid Paint - Clear (amber tone)

Enhance the natural wood color and grain with a slip-resistant clear transparent coating. Restore your wood deck and ramp surface with Non-Skid Paint - Clear (amber tone) protective non-slip coating. Quick dry and easy to apply application on exterior wood deck and ramp surface.

12' Foot Aluminum Jon Boat - Worn Down, Dirty Old Backyard Boat (Before Image)

12' Foot Aluminum Jon Boat (Restored) with Non-Skid Paint Marine Epoxy applied. (After Image)

12' Foot Aluminum Jon Boat (Restored) with Non-Skid Paint Marine Epoxy applied. (After Image)

12' Foot Aluminum Jon Boat - Fully Restored with Non-Skid Paint Shipstone Gray applied. (After Image)

Roof Deck - Non-Skid Paint - Chamois Beige

Metal Staircase - Non-Skid Paint - Chamois Beige

Staircase Landing - Non-Skid Paint - Chamois Beige


Akerman Marine Services – Marine Maintenance and Repair

I just had to let you know that the Non-Skid Paint is an awesome product. I recently painted the inside and out of my 1956 Hillsburg boat and the deck and cabin floor where so slippery, it certainly wasn’t safe.
Then I purchased a gallon of the Non-Skid Paint. It was so simple and easy to apply, I just used a pan and 3/8” low nap roller… like any other paint job.
It was dry within several hours and its appearance on the deck and cabin floor is beautiful. As owner of Ackerman Marine Services, I’ve painted quite a few boats but this was the easiest (and inexpensive) project I have ever done.
It is a remarkable safety product that can really help reduce slip and falls. I am really impressed and will recommend it to anyone who is thinking about painting their boat.

Rick Ackerman, Company Owner

Dive Hatteras - Cape Hatteras, NC Shipwreck Diving Charters

I have used the Non-Skid Paint product several times on our charter boats over the last 5-6 years and it really works great!
The Non-Skid Paint lasts for a few seasons and then we just clean the surface good and apply a fresh new coat to bring back the non-slip traction texture.
It is easy to apply and does a good job preventing slip and fall injury accidents. While not taking the skin off bare feet like other more abrasive coatings can do.
We find that mixing the Non-Skid Paint (gallon) Shipstone Gray with one (Quart) Polar White together makes a pleasant lighter shade of Gray.
Once applied it helps keep the deck surface area from getting to hot in direct sunlight exposure during those really hot summer days.

Captain Dave Sommers, Owner

Department of Harbor and Beaches - City of Oceanside

Our experience with the Non-Skid Paint product application around the Oceanside Harbor, its performance and durability. We have used the product for several years in a couple different ways.
Primarily we are using the Non-Skid Paint (Shipstone Gray) on the wood dock ramps. We find the product easy to apply, it adheres well, and is very durable. We have also used the Non-Skid Paint (Blue) for our deck coating around the upstairs office. The product provides the slip-resistance we need, looks good, and does not discolor in direct sunlight. We also like the fact that it is a (water base) marine epoxy which helps with keeping hazardous material storage to a minimum. We at the Oceanside Harbor are looking forward too many years of product use and as many different applications as we may find.

Vincent S. Balch, Maintenance Supervisor

Utility Truck Step - Non-Skid Paint - Black

Aluminum Ramp - Non-Skid Paint - Shipstone Gray

Truck Lift Gate - Non-Skid Paint - Black

Non-Skid Paint for Wood Boat Dock On Lake